Good Afternoon,

It has been another great week of learning at St. Catherine! We have had several visitors over the past week. We have seen the President and Chief Academic Officer from Seton School and the Superintendant of all Archdiocese of Milwaukee schools visit us. They were all very impressed with the orderly, friendly students and the learning activities in our classrooms. One comment that was repeated over and over was how much things have CHANGED at St. Catherine and how much JOY our students show at being here to learn. We all have a role in making that happen; parish members, teachers, classroom assistants, office staff, Cougar Camp, students and of course parents and grandparents-and we aren’t done yet!! We have had many more students enroll in March. Remember I can’t save seats! The sooner you enroll the better. This is especially true for our large classes-like 7th grade. We want to see all our returning students enrolled by the end of this month. Don’t be left behind!!! Our children and teachers continue to work on upholding our Lenten promises. We humbly pray for God’s mercy. We are trying to live up to the 1% a day prayer challenge-that works out to 15 minutes of prayer a day. Are you up to the challenge? Please contact me at or call 414-445-2846 anytime you have questions, comments or concerns.

–Michael Turner