It has been another great week of learning at St. Catherine! Have you recruited a new school family for next year? If not, please think about whom you would like to have join us at St. Catherine Catholic School. Enrollment for next year is moving well, but I know parents are the best promoters we have! We would like to grow our student body by about 25 students. By encouraging your friends/family to bring their children to our great school, you get to choose your child’s classmates!!! We have had many more students enroll in March-we are up to 90 students already enrolled. Remember I can’t save seats! The sooner you enroll the better. This is especially true for our large classes-like 7th grade. Enrollment ends for this period on Monday, March 21. Don’t be left behind!!! Our children and teachers continue to work on upholding our Lenten promises. We humbly pray for God’s mercy.

Mr. Turner