Fr. Peter Patrick Kimani is the Pastor of St. Catherine and St. Sebastian Parishes. Fr. Peter Patrick is described by many who know him as a very kind, compassionate person eager to get to know the parish communities, their talents and abilities. It is anticipated that he will help us all move forward in faithful discipleship.  Read more about his fascinating background in this Catholic Herald article

Ms. Mohni Kueng is our Middle school teacher.

She has a masters degree in English literature and 20 yrs teaching experience . She taught 5 years at High Schhol at MPS and several years in middle and elementary school. She loves teaching and making a difference in children’s life.

Ms. Hines

Ms. Hines has a little over 5 years of art teaching experience. She has a bachelor degree from Ashland University. She started her teaching career in Cleveland, Ohio. She loves to inspire students to love art and love learning. Ms. Hines is very passionate about teaching all different kinds of art to help give her students an outlet to express themselves.

Mr. Kelly Bradley our 5th grade teacher.He is the proud parent of two children Marcus ad Kellie Bradley. Mr. Bradley has been coaching high school football at Greenfield High School for 3 years and has a degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from National Louis University. Under his veteran leadership, Coach Bradley has taught all grade levels from 3rd-12th grade for 16 years. Mr. Bradley believes every student has a birthright to a first-class education. “I am eager to begin God’s work with my colleagues because I truly believe that to do this work of caring and compassion which is what we are called to do. ”

Mrs. Tina is excited to use our “Cougar Camp” program as a platform to introduce new, in-depth hobbies and activities that our students may not have had access to otherwise. With a strong perspective of continuing education beyond the classroom, she wants to get our students thinking outside the box – via music, art, language, movement, and more. Mrs. Tina empowers students to develop and share their thoughts and ambitions through radical self-expression. Born and raised in the city of Milwaukee, she is committed to the success of students at St. Catherine.