Fr. Larry Chapman is the Pastor of St. Catherine and St. Sebastian Parishes. He has served as the shared-pastor since June 2014 after serving twelve years as pastor in East Troy, WI. He has now been ministering as a priest for thirty-eight years. Fr. Larry has his master’s degree in Divinity (Pastoral Theology) from St. Francis Seminary, Milwaukee. Fr. Larry believes education is about delving into the mysteries of life, letting any answer raise more questions, all leading to praise of this great God and Creator who bursts out with life all around us. He has previously served as associate pastor, high school campus minister and theology teacher. Fr. Larry’s personal interests include travel, meteorology, and cycling.

Mr Jade Cottrell is our dean of Students at St. Catherine School.

Mrs. Emily Tischer teaches kindergarten at St. Catherine. Happily married to Joe, she is the proud granddaughter of St. Catherine’s parish member Joan Stiyer. She is a hard-working K4 – K5 teacher. Emily received her degree in Early Childhood Education from UW-Milwaukee in 2014 and has been teaching in an early childhood classroom since 2010. She strongly believes children should learn through hands-on experiences. Outside of school Emily enjoys spending time with family and friends, crafting, and reading.

Mrs. Minnie Acevedo is our Office Manager. Ms. Minnie is the face of St. Catherine School, serviceable and dedicated, she welcomes you to St. Catherine any day of the year. Ms. Minnie has been working at St. Catherine for the past 10 years. She loves the students and the parents and she is dedicated to improving education in the city of Milwaukee.

Mrs. Michelle Paris is proud to be the  Head of School at St. Catherine.

M.ED. in Educational Leadership from Marquette University; BA Secondary Education, English from UW-Eau Claire

Mr. Kelly Bradley our 6/7 Grade Teacher. Is the proud parent of two children Marcus ad Kellie Bradley. Mr. Bradley coaches high school football at Greenfield High School for 3 years and has his degree in Educational Leadership and Administration from National Louis University. Under his veteran leadership, Coach Bradley has taught all grade levels from 3rd-12th grade for 16 years. Mr. Bradley believes that every student has a birthright to a first-class education. I am eager to begin God’s work with my colleagues because I truly believe that to do this work of caring and compassion which is what we are called to do.

Ms. MacKenzie Menefee our 5 Grade and MS ELA Teacher. Is the proud mother of her twin sons Kalif and Nazir, the daughter to wonderful support parents and the oldest sibling to twin sisters. MacKenzie received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education K-8 from Morgan State University Baltimore, Maryland. She is currently working on her Masters of Arts in Teaching at Cardinal Stritch University. MacKenzie has taught in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Milwaukee. She is an advocate for social justice and doing her part in ensuring that every student receives a quality education. She is excited to call St. Catherine’s home and is looking forward to growing as an education and helping students reach their goals.

Mrs. Tina is excited to use our “Cougar Camp” program as a platform to introduce new, in-depth hobbies and activities that our students may not have had access to otherwise. With a strong perspective of continuing education beyond the classroom, she wants to get our students thinking outside the box – via music, art, language, movement, and more. Mrs. Tina empowers students to develop and share their thoughts and ambitions through radical self-expression. Born and raised in the city of Milwaukee, she is committed to the success of students at St. Catherine.

Ms. Katie Rotaru 4th Grade Teacher. Is the daughter of John and Julie and dedicated reader of anything Harry Potter. Katie received her Bachelor’s degree in education with minors in urban education and English at Concordia University Wisconsin Mequon in 2012. She has taught in urban schools all 5 years of her career. She holds her students accountable with their actions and has high expectations for every one of her students to be the best they will be. Her professional interests remaking students reach their goals inside and outside of the classroom in academics and in spirituality. Her personal interests include being with loved ones, a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

Mr. Franco Soma is proud to be the Dean of Operations at St. Catherine. He has a variety of experiences and personal interests which uniquely prepared him to serve the needs of our community: he taught biology and religion in Catholic Urban Schools: he received a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Boston College: and he has dedicated his professional life to developing operations in Catholic schools.  His professional interests focus on helping schools focus on the student, and developing 21st Century learning in each classroom.  He is excited to bring his experience to St. Catherine School and provide a safe, joyful, and effective experience of school to all students.