St. Catherine firmly believes that in order to receive a quality education, students must feel safe at school. Our school is a violence-free and crime-free zone. No exceptions.

We follow the protocols set in place by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee through Safeguarding All of God’s Family.

Safeguarding All of God’s Family is founded on the Catholic teaching that all people are made in the image and likeness of God and, therefore, must be respected as individuals. This Archdiocesan program was created to protect all in the church family, especially children, from sexual abuse and related dangers. Most importantly, participation in the program has raised awareness about the gravity of child sexual abuse and the steps that can be taken to prevent such abuse.

We take our commitment to the safety of children very seriously. All school and parish employees are held to the Code of Ethical Standards set forth by the Archdiocese and are required to participate in initial training and continuing education to foster a Safe Environment “Protecting God’s Children.”

Any volunteers that have regular contact with children or who chaperon field trips must join our mission to Safeguard All of God’s Family. All volunteers are trained and held to a similar Code of Ethical Standards as our school and parish employees.

At St. Catherine our goal is to provide a safe, secure learning environment for our students in which they feel comfortable to express themselves and grow.