A loving home is a child’s foundation – and parents are the first teachers. Our school builds upon this foundation. St. Catherine provides a safe environment where families of all faiths are welcomed and encouraged. We provide students a well-rounded, excellent personalized education. We prepare our students for bright futures through a multiage classroom and personalized learning approach.

Multiage classrooms offer a unique opportunity for teachers to provide individualized learning support for their students.

In these classrooms, students who would typically be separated by grade level are learning together as one class. Students are grouped together by ability instead of age. Here at St. Catherine’s, we see the value of this approach: it allows teachers to craft lesson plans that prepare students for high school – and gives students the flexibility to learn at a pace that works for them. This is the best path to success.

Personalized learning is a large part of our curriculum because we see it is as a critical element of student success. This method meets students at their current ability levels, building on the foundation of student strengths to bolster the areas they need help in. We know that our students are active kids – so this technique lets them be active in their own learning. Here at St. Catherine, students and teachers set individual learning goals and are able to measure how students progress and grow. Working hand-in-hand with teachers, students are striving toward grade-level proficiency standards. We believe that this experience best prepares our students for their futures – and it maximizes their potential for success.


The curriculum at St. Catherine School is unique and designed to inspire students. That’s why we offer a different spin on music instruction. Twice a week for 40 minutes each session, students are able to let their spirit shine in our native African Jali Kunda Drum and Dance class. It’s an exploration of the Senegal culture combining the use of traditional African drums infused with choreographed dance.

Throughout the experience, students are taught the significance and purpose of rhythm, African call and response, along with traditional dance phrases. This class is an exciting and healthy way for students to express themselves through drum and dance, get an aerobic workout and learn about and appreciate the African culture.

Here’s a sample of students enjoying Jali Kunda Drum and Dance class at St. Catherine Catholic School.