Here at St. Catherine, learning goes beyond the classroom to give students the opportunity to grow at an accelerated pace! That’s how we’re able to provide an exceptional education for our students. Recognizing that our students come from many backgrounds and all learn differently, we’ve adjusted our instruction to accommodate these differences.

We’ve partnered with the following programs to give our students the individual attention they need and deserve beyond the classroom.


Milwaukee Succeeds is a one-on-one tutoring project staffed with volunteers and supervised by a site coordinator at St. Catherine. Through 40 minute sessions twice a week, these volunteers work with K5 through 3rd grade students with reading development and classroom skills. This program has allowed St. Catherine to introduce a new core reading program and practices into the classroom – programs that push our students to excel and achieve at St. Catherine, into high school, and beyond. To learn more about the citywide program, click here.


One of our priorities at St. Catherine is to bring all of our students to grade-level reading proficiency. By reaching out to our students in 3rd grade and under, Reading Corps provides them with the much-needed individual attention and assistance to help them become strong readers – and prepare them for the challenges and joys of their future education. We have two tutors on staff, one full-time and another half-time, who work one-on-one with students every school day in 20 minute sessions.


St. Catherine collaborates with Catapult Learning, a program designed to inspire and encourage academic achievement for older students. Our Catapult teacher works with small groups of students to provide additional instruction in reading and math. Groups of students in 3rd through 8th grade meet for 120 minutes a week to supplement what they’re learning from their teachers. Our partnership with Catapult Learning strengthens our ability to provide strong academics and to prepare students for future success.


St. Catherine students in all grades participate in a science-based, community outdoor program led by the Urban Ecology Center. The Urban Ecology Center fosters ecological understanding as inspiration for change, neighborhood by neighborhood. Together in a year-long partnership, we transform the experience from just another field trip to a permanent outdoor classroom that reinforces and goes beyond science concepts taught in class with hands-on outdoor activities during multiple visits. There are a variety of science-based programs for students, including: basic wildlife and ecology studies; the physics of sound and light; and simple machines, energy, and recycling. This partnership also offers kinesthetic learning opportunities, including rock climbing, canoeing, hiking, snowshoeing and ice skating, to get kids moving in the great outdoors.