We are preparing for Fall with the goal of keeping children safe, engaged, and learning.  A survey went out to currently enrolled families to provide input and help ensure we are meeting the needs of families and staff in our plans.

Currently, we are considering offering three options on your path back to school, subject to the rules of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and local health department guidelines:

In Person Learning

This option would be for parents who are comfortable allowing their children to return to school with significantly modified procedures to minimize exposure and ensure the safety of children and staff.

We anticipate that this option would include:

  • Smaller groups of students and teachers who learn, eat, and engage together without close contact with other groups.
  • Adjusted school day hours and calendar to accommodate this new environment.
  • Flexibility to allow for digital learning to occur in the case of individual or group quarantine.
  • A custom plan for our school, following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, state and local health departments.

Digital Learning

As more information has come out about COVID-19, some parents have expressed a preference to continue at home learning in order to minimize possible exposure. Also, there are some children who are at risk for severe illness due to COVID- 19 or live with others who are at high risk for severe COVID-19.  Children who are quarantined will also have this option available to them for that period of time.

We anticipate that this option would include:

  • Fully digital learning environment led by a Seton principal with lessons delivered by Seton teachers.
  • Chromebooks and hot spots provided if needed.
  • Live and recorded teacher-led instruction.
  • Curriculum that aligns with classroom instruction.
  • Social-emotional support.
  • Specials and extra-curriculars provided.
  • Screen time will be appropriate based on the age of the child.

Flex learning

Students could begin the year with either the digital option or in person learning and choose to transition at certain times throughout the year.

Regardless of the option chosen, students and families will remain an engaged part of the school community and receive regular communication from the school.

Take a picture of a utility bill OR Government  Letter and email it to info@saintcatherine.org

Navigate to this Link and Submit an OAS Application for this month for your child.


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