Learning begins at an early age – and here at St. Catherine, we nurture our youngest students through the first steps in their education in our K-3 and K-4 classrooms.

Our mission is to provide a quality, safe, and structured environment for our youngest future scholars. The foundation of academics, faith, and personal development built during these formative years will prepare them for success in school – and throughout their entire lives. At St. Catherine, students explore and learn through structured and self-guided activities with the encouragement and positive guidance of our staff.

Both K-3 and K-4 are offered as all-day programs. In a full day program, students have more opportunities to adjust to the structure of education – which best prepares them for their futures.

More information about Milwaukee Choice can be found here.

Our K-3 classroom is licensed through the State of Wisconsin and complies with Rules for Day Care Centers for Children. Quality early education at St. Catherine can be made more affordable for families through the Wisconsin Shares (W2) program. The Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program helps families that meet income, location, and employment requirements pay for childcare. More information about this program can be found here – or by contacting our office directly.
Our K-4 classroom adheres to Wisconsin state and Milwaukee Archdiocese curriculum standards. Families can enroll their students in this program through the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.