At St. Catherine, not only do we share the teachings of Jesus – we encourage our students to live them. There are numerous service opportunities available throughout the school year that guide our students in the path of caring for others and living in the image of Christ.

Middle school students have a unique opportunity to provide service to the school by participating as Safety Cadets and Kindergarten Big Buddies. These programs instill leadership skills in our students that will serve them far into the future – while giving our youngest students an older peer to model their behavior after.

St. Catherine Food Pantry plays a large part in how we prepare students to live as Christ did. Our older students volunteer in the pantry during the school day to garner first-hand experience at how their work impacts their neighborhood. All students and families are encouraged to donate food and other goods during various food drives held throughout the school year, which benefit both the food pantry and the St. Vincent de Paul Society.