UNIFORMS / Dress Code

Uniforms are to be worn by all students. Wearing a uniform helps to promote a sense of unity and pride in St. Catherine – and it is also integral to setting the tone for our academic atmosphere. By eliminating superficial distractions, like clothing trends, our students are better equipped to concentrate on the important business of their education and to recognize the inner beauty of each individual.

Our school dress code is the “Cougar Colors:” navy, white, or yellow collared shirts and navy pants.

Uniform Guidelines:

On Bottom

  • Navy blue uniform pants without cuffs
  • Navy blue walking shorts or capris (knee length)
  • Navy blue skirts (knee length)
  • Navy blue jumpers (knee length)
  • Sagging pants are not permitted

On Top

  • Navy, yellow, white solid colors only
  • Polo or cotton turtleneck
  • Long sleeve or short sleeve
  • Button down oxford shirts for boys
  • Round or pointed collar blouse for the girls
  • Only solid white undershirts are to be worn under uniform shirt.
  • Navy blue, white, or yellow pullover sweater or sweater vest
  • Navy blue, white, or yellow cardigan sweater
  • Saint Catherine sweaters, sweatshirts, or fleece pullovers are acceptable
  • No hoodies of any kind (Shirts or sweatshirts)