There are exciting things happening at St. Catherine, and we’d like to personally invite your family to visit our Catholic school! The leadership, staff, and pastors at St. Catherine are invested in the future of our students and encouraging them to believe in the possibilities.

We pride our school on being a source of consistency, safety, and security for our neighborhood. Our students know their families will always have the St. Catherine Community to guide and support them. As teachers and mentor staff, we will do whatever it takes to ensure he or she rises to succeed and excel. It’s part of the culture here at St Catherine – and students and families share this same commitment.

Chosen to be a Seton Catholic School in 2016, every student at St. Cate’s will be positively impacted by the new academic programs and approach we’re implementing. We’re expanding our curriculum, focusing on personalized learning, adding programs and technology, and ultimately providing students with more services.

We are confident that our unique, multi-age approach to teaching at St. Catherine is the foundation for our students’ learning and development success. It’s an opportunity for your child to grow and thrive in a strong academic environment that’s tailored to their individual needs. Because we are a small school, we have the special ability to make sure each and every child gets the individual attention they need – both in the classroom and beyond.

It’s our belief in caring for the whole child – body, mind, and spirit – that prepares students for life. Our school is a positive, respectful learning environment where children feel comfortable and safe to learn and express themselves. St. Catherine’s emphasis on respect of self and others guides our students to become well-rounded leaders in their communities and the world.

While we emphasize the teachings of the Catholic faith, our school environment is grounded in core values shared across Christianity. We welcome families and students of all religious and socio-economic backgrounds to join us in our mission to provide a quality, values-based education to our students. Working together under God’s guidance, your child’s possibilities are bright!